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Laser Dentistry

Since 2013, we have utilized Biolase Waterlase laser systems for hard and soft tissue surgery and cavity preparation in teeth. Laser procedures can often be done with reduced to no anesthesia needed for tooth preparation.

For surgeries involving the gums and other soft tissues, the laser cauterizes the blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in near-painless healing and very little bleeding. This is especially advantageous in tooth extraction and implant placement.

The laser can also be used in treating periodontal disease as well as performing root canal therapy. In addition, we have an infrared laser that is extremely useful for joint inflammation and pain within musculature of the head and neck.

Laser Dentistry Services

Waterlase Laser Dentistry Tool
solea 3.0 all-tisue laser dental system


Restorations (Fillings)

The laser kills germs and prepares the tooth for the filling while minimizing damage to the natural tooth. Once the laser removes the decayed section of the tooth, it's filled with a restorative material that bonds directly to the tooth and strengthens it.


TMJ Treatments

Benefits include accelerated healing and reduced pain and inflammation. This is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that helps improve range of movement and physical function. It can be used on all ages with no side effects.


Oral Surgery

Laser dentistry has revolutionized dental care and can help improve comfort during dental procedures, especially for those with dental anxiety. Laser technology also allows us to more accurately target specific areas of your mouth. Some benefits include less bleeding, less discomfort, and faster recovery time.



Several benefits of using lasers to treat gum disease is faster healing times, no general anesthetic, more precise targeting of diseased areas, and less bleeding, pain, and swelling.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying
Today, I had the experience of a visit to my dentist who now uses laser dentistry. The difference was amazing - no discomfort, fast, and for me, a very relaxed procedure.


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