Trauma Care
Unfortunately accidents happen. At Hamilton Dental, we provide the best and most prompt care possible when you or someone you love experiences trauma. Whether it is a sports-, play- or work-related accident, we are here to provide immediate and long-term treatment. The staff at Hamilton Dental understands that these incidents are difficult both for the patient and family in more ways than just the physical damage; we provide wholistic care to ensure that our patients' needs are adequately addressed and that recovery is as smooth as possible.

As a dentist in the military, Dr. Ioset became very skilled at dealing with trauma cases; he also served as an oral surgeon on duty in the emergency rooms of two Army hospitals. Since acquiring Hamilton Dental, he has seen many more trauma cases. Rest assured that you are in experienced and caring hands in the moments when you need high-quality care the most!

Since our patients are our top priority, emergency appointments after-hours and therefore close to the time of the incident can be arranged to ensure that you get the quickest and best trauma care possible!

The best care when you need it most...
The images below depict a trauma case chronologically. In this case, a 17-year girl incurred serious trauma to her mouth during a basketball practice. Her two central incisors as well as a lateral incisor were impacted. This accident occured more than 5 years ago, and her original teeth are still intact today. Her case clearly illustrates the importance of the use of mouth guards in athletics, as many of her injuries were preventable by mouth guard use.

NOTE: Images may be graphic and disturbing to some. Please use discretion when viewing these pictures.

Images and information have been used only with the expressed consent of the patient.

This initial image shows that condition of her mouth before any care was provided. Both of her front central incisors as well as a lateral incisor were fractured and avulsed. The periodontal tissue (gums) surrounding the teeth were also badly damaged.A radiograph of the teeth immediately following the accident.Sutures were placed to aide in the healing of the gum tissue, and the teeth traumatized were splinted using an orthodontic wire and brackets. A radiograph taken the day of the accident after the teeth had been splinted using a orthodontic wire and brackets.One week after the accident - sutures are still intact and teeth continue to be splinted by a wire and brackets.Root canals were done on the three traumatized teeth since the trauma left the pulp of the teeth dead. Radiograph of completed root canals on the three traumatized teeth.Teeth approximately 1 year after initial trauma.Several years after the incident, her teeth are still intact and functional; most importantly she can smile again with confidence!
A Trauma Case